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Week 4 NFL Picks and Predictions

A look at the games and picks for week 4 of the NFL season.

Well, gambling is definitely not the strong suit of my life, but things are getting better each week. I am 0-1 this week after Mike Nugent kicked the Cincinnati Bengals to a 22-7 victory over the Miami Dolphins, but there is plenty of time to improve on that.

Here are my week four picks.

All Lines from Bovada as of 9/30/16

Indianapolis Colts (-3) at Jacksonville Jaguars

I am done believing in Jacksonville, which means that they will be winning this game or at least covering the three points.

Colts 35
Jaguars 31

Seattle Seahawks at New York Jets (+3)

This is a game much like the Cardinals at the Bills last week, except that Seattle’s quarterback is actually hurt that we know of, where Arizona’s just seems like something is wrong.

Jets 14
Seahawks 13

Detroit Lions (-3) at Chicago Bears

The Bears are due and the Lions have been less than impressive since their opening day thrashing, then choking, then epic come from behind win over the Indianapolis Colts. However, the Bears look like an unmitigated disaster and until that is fixed, I can’t pick them.

Lions 27
Bears 14

Cleveland Browns (+7.5) at Washington Redskins

Don’t get me wrong, the Skins are winning this game, but the Browns have shown enough guts to actually cover in this. The Browns offensive weapons are not bad and the Skins defense is not great, so I think that lends itself to the Browns keeping it close enough.

Skins 28
Browns 24

Tennessee Titans at Houston Texans (-5)

This game seems like a classic Vegas money maker, but I am a sucker and think that the Texans at home will be a tough beat. The Titans though have shown that they know how to run the football, which makes them dangerous against all lines.

Texans 26
Titans 20

Buffalo Bills at New England Patriots (-7)

I don’t even care if they have a quarterback, Bill Belichick is a wizard. Of course, this is a game where they will falter and Brady returns the conquering hero.

Patriots 24
Bills 14

Carolina Panthers (-3) at Atlanta Falcons

I have no idea what to make of these two teams, but I think the Panthers are going to get out of their semi funk this week and put up some points. I think the Falcons will score as well, but I am not sure they can throw the ball well enough.

Panthers 35
Falcons 28

Oakland Raiders (+3.5) at Baltimore Ravens

How are the Ravens this good? How are the Raiders this bad? All of this makes little sense, but here we are.

Raiders 28
Ravens 27

Denver Broncos (-3.5) at Tampa Bay Buccaneers

I just watched a worse Arizona and Los Angeles defense do enough to beat the Bucs, this game seems like a lock, which means that Tampa should at least cover if not win, but the Broncos pass defense just seems too freaking good.

Broncos 24
Bucs 17

New Orleans Saints (+4) at San Diego Chargers

Outside of taking the over 54, I wouldn’t touch this game. The Chargers can’t stop anyone, the Saints really can’t stop anyone, but somehow, this game is going to be won by one of the better quarterbacks of this generation.

Saints 30
Chargers 28

Dallas Cowboys (-3) at San Francisco 49ers

I am old enough to remember when this was a good game. Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliot, with or without Dez Bryan doesn’t matter.

Cowboys 24
49ers 14

Los Angeles Rams at Arizona Cardinals (-8)

I am too confident that the Cardinals figure everything out and get back on track, so much so that I would bet this line if it was 10. Fade me… Strong.

Cardinals 35
Rams 15

Kansas City Chiefs at Pittsburgh Steelers (-5.5)

After what the Eagles just did, 5.5 seems really high, but then again, the Steelers offense is going to get back on track this week I suspect, so let’s roll with it.

Steelers 28
Chiefs 21