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Arizona Cardinals Super Bowl Odds Better After Win

The win over San Francisco restored some faith in the Arizona Cardinals

NCAA Football: Texas Kickoff-Oklahoma vs Houston Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas usually gets things right, but with the Arizona Cardinals; they continue to move their odds on the Cardinals winning Super Bowl 51.

After a rough 1-3 start, the Cardinals saw their Super Bowl odds drop to 25/1, but after a big Thursday Night Football win, their odds have improved, moving to 20/1 odds to win the Super Bowl per Bovada.

The eight teams in front of the Cardinals in the odds right now are:

New England Patriots at 7/2

Minnesota Vikings at 7/1

Pittsburgh Steelers at 7/1

Green Bay Packers at 8/1

Seattle Seahawks at 17/2 (they were 15/2 before the weekend and had a bye week, so…)

Denver Broncos at 14/1

Atlanta Falcons at 16/1

Dallas Cowboys at 18/1

That means the Cardinals are fifth in the NFC in terms of making and winning the Super Bowl. The only team I don’t agree with over the Cardinals is the Cowboys and that is because what happens if they move Tony Romo back in as the starting quarterback? Does that really improve their odds over what Dak Prescott has been able to do so far?

What do you think? Would you put money on the Cardinals?