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What Would you Want the Arizona Cardinals to do with Dak Prescott?

What would you want Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals to do if they were in the Dallas Cowboys situation?

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Dallas Cowboys Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It is a "what if" scenario for the Arizona Cardinals, but it is something I often wonder how the fans would react to.

With the Dallas Cowboys success through the first five games of the season and the pending return of Tony Romo, the question has been asked, would you switch up what has been working and bench Dak Prescott for the veteran Romo?

What would you want the Arizona Cardinals to do in a similar situation?

The Cowboys have constructed a team that can rely on the run game and skilled passing of Prescott, but add in the big play ability of Romo, the ability to ad lib, attack at different levels and diversify parts of the offense, would that make them even better? Maybe, but I am not sure I’d sacrifice the growth of Prescott.

You see, as Eric Stoner said:

With the Cardinals, it would be a similar, except I think the expectations are slightly higher.

Yet, the question is the same, if the Arizona Cardinals had a young quarterback performing the way Dak Prescott is, but had Carson Palmer close to returning, what is the right call?

For the Cardinals and Bruce Arians, it seems like it would be easy, if it was within the season, they likely go back to the vet. They were able to get a lot out of the rookie and expand his abilities, but in the end they likely, maybe, can go further under the guidance of the old, steady veteran.

Yet, we have seen teams with young developing quarterbacks, Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, win even if their quarterbacks were not completely ready to take over the team. Then when they were, we saw the two players go in opposite directions, Wilson is one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL, Kaepernick struggled to beat out Blaine Gabbert.

How would you want the Arizona Cardinals to handle the situation?