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2016 Week 6 NFL TV Maps

What games will you be watching while you wait for Monday Night Football?

With the Arizona Cardinals off again on Sunday, Arizona Cardinals fans from around the country can get a peek at the rest of the league.

There are quite a few good matchups, while there is also some that unfortunately, we will not be able to see in Arizona.

The early CBS game is:

If you are in Arizona like me, you’ll be enjoying the Cincinnati Bengals taking on the New England Patriots. If you are in the green, well you don’t get an early game, you get the Kansas City Chiefs at the Oakland Raiders in the later game.

Outside of the Bengals at Patriots, are any other games that interesting?

On Fox in the morning, you have a couple of nice games:

Unfortunately for Cardinals fans, we don’t get to watch Carson Wentz and the Eagles or Carolina vs New Orleans as they try to right the ship, no we get to watch the Rams at the Lions. Boring...

The Fox Game of the Week is:

Of course being in Arizona we don’t get to watch the Falcons at Seahawks, but are stuck with the Rams and Lions because of “divisional importance”. Yet we don’t get to watch the Seahawks lose to the Falcons? Stupid

What games will you be watching?

Go Cardinals!