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Winners and Losers From Arizona Cardinals Big Win on Monday Night Football

Who shined and who didn't under the Primetime lights?

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

We follow up Thursday Night Football with another Primetime game, as the Cardinals closed out week 6 with a win on MNF versus the Jets. The coaching staff, the team, the front office, all are big winners, can't deny that. But some guys really flashed and let's get right down to the individual honors!


David Johnson- What a monster. 100 yards on the ground, and now leads the entire NFL with 833 scrimmage yards, passing up the impressive rookie Elliott from Dallas. Aren't we glad we ended up with Golden and DJ over whatever might have happened in the draft?

D.J. Swearinger- Big hits, big pick, David Johnson wasn't the only "DJ" to show up on Monday.

Veldheer, Wetzel, Shipley, Watford, Humphries- No sacks, Johnson had over 100 and 3 TDS. It isn't the line we dreamed of, but it is doing work and deserves a mention.

People Who Bought Stock in Flags- Horrendous amount of penalties, and it really hurt the watch-ability of the game. 19 accepted penalties. A lot of them seemed awfully wishy-washy. Hopefully the NFL addresses it.


Todd Bowles- Obviously a lot of us still have a lot of respect from Bowles, and this game was clearly a frustrating homecoming for him. I wish him luck throughout the rest of the season.

Wait what, no Cardinals here? Honestly, point out losers for me in the comments because everyone played solid in my opinion. Yeah, the pass rush only got one sack, but consistently got pressure. The DBs got 2 picks. The running game and passing game both were efficient and while special teams weren't spectacular, they sure didn't hurt us. Great team win.

Bonus Round- The Curious Case of Michael Floyd

Almost had him pegged as a loser before the second half begun. Still, his biggest play in the first half was when he got called on a "block-in-the-back". Bounced back with a TD in the 2nd, but he seems to only get on the field during redzone snaps. He's losing playing time to both Jaron Brown (who hopefully is healthy) and J.J. Nelson. There's still time to turn it around but there's no doubt, Michael Floyd is having a disappointing contract year.