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Week 4 NFL TV Maps

What games will you be watching today?

The Arizona Cardinals host the Los Angeles Rams this afternoon at 1:25pm Arizona time, but there are a number of morning games, what games will you be watching?

Let’s take a look at the TV Maps for the Week 4 of the NFL season.

There is a Sunday Morning game in London at 6:30am Arizona time.

How about the rest of the day?

Our game in Arizona is Oakland at Baltimore. Which is interesting, but I guess proximity makes sense.

Over on Fox we get an early game, not 6:30am early, but early.

We get the Seattle Seahawks at the New York Jets, which is obviously a game I picked New York to win, so I am sure they will not. I am terrible at picking games.

The late Fox game is obviously the Arizona Cardinals home game against the Los Angeles Rams.

Let’s see if the Cardinals can win this game in front of a small, small audience, while the rest of the US watches the vaunted San Francisco 49ers team.