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Carson Palmer Leaves Game with Concussion, Arizona Cardinals Fall to 1-3 with loss to Los Angeles Rams

The Arizona Cardinals lost their quarterback to a concussion and their game to the Los Angeles Rams

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals couldn’t find a way to get into gear offensively today, and they may have to figure it out on Thursday on a short week after Carson Palmer was concussed after several sacks by the Los Angeles Rams today.

The Rams beat the Cardinals 17-13.

Here is the play where Palmer was hurt and the look he had after he was leaving the game.

The Arizona Cardinals were stymied by the Los Angeles Rams pass rush all game, despite being able to run the ball at will.

David Johnson fumbled the ball, the Arizona Cardinals gave up a huge punt return to Tavon Austin that was saved by a great facemask by Ifenyi Momah. However, the Arizona Cardinals defense could not prevent the Rams from scoring, taking the lead, and in the end, winning the game.

There is not much to discuss for me, we’ll update the condition of Carson Palmer as we get information, as the Arizona Cardinals have a short week heading to San Francisco for Thursday Night Football at 1-3.

Truly, at a loss for words with how this season has gone so far. We’ll recover and get back to it tonight though.