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Winners & Losers for Arizona Cardinals Loss to Los Angeles Rams

Another tough loss as the team falls to 1-3.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

What year is it? After a NFC Championship game appearance last year, this team was media darlings, favorites for not only the division, but the entire NFC.

Well not anymore, as they fall 0-1 in division, 1-3 overall, in a tough home loss to Los Angeles. Carolina fell in similar fashion earlier, so it's clear the NFC is shaping up for a whole new look if Arizona and Carolina don't make quick fixes in the next three quarters of the season.

However, despite the rough loss, this is an article to showcase the players, so let's get it started-


John Brown- I had written in a previous article about how John Brown wasn't himself. Well, he is now. 10 catches, 144 yards, and a number of big plays. He showcased his shiftiness and ability to find extra yards and I'm glad he's back to looking like a contributor, notching a team high 16 targets.

Chandler Jones and Markus Golden- Each got a sack, continuing their streak of one per game. Chandler Jones also got a number of hurries and hits and forced and recovered a fumble. I'm still riding the 55 train.

Patrick Peterson- Shadowed Tavon for most of the night, limiting him to just 14 yards. One of the few solid parts of this team week in and week out.

Chandler Catanzaro- 2/2 on field goals, made his extra point. Honestly he didn't had a fabulous game but i needed at least one more winner and I couldn't rightly justify anyone else.


Drew Stanton- Please get healthy Carson.

Carson Palmer- Before getting knocked out, Carson wasn't playing exceptionally well either. 2 turnovers and a number of inaccurate throws. Still better than what Stanton showed though.

Marcus Cooper- Now, pro have tough games. I'm not calling for Williams or Bethel to take Cooper's spot, but he was targeted today, as both Rams TDs went against him.

A little bit of both-

Tony Jefferson- Notched a team high 9 tackles, two for a loss, as he led the charge as the team stuffed Gurley. But he also was in poor position on the first TD. Marcus Cooper, knowing he had safety help behind him, went for the ball.

I don't fault him too badly for that. But when he missed, Cooper and the rest of the team was counting on TJ to make the tackle. He missed it, leading to the first points of the game.

David Johnson- He's mostly a winner, the bright spot on offense. 83 rushing, 41 receiving. But the fumble, it was costly in a game where points were at a premium.

Michael Floyd- Another Sunday, more of the inconsistent from Floyd. Big drops. Then 2 big catches on the lone TD drive. And then, some more misses. Ugh.

Offensive Line- 3 sacks, yet they held up fairly well considering the opponent. Also gave the running game a lot more space than I expected. But, when the quarterback goes down behind you, hard to call you guys "winners".

Hard to call anyone winners, really. It's gut-check time. Luckily, in conference, we are only 1-1. That's important. Let's build on that, and hopefully everyone writes off the Cardinals. Writes off Bruce Arians and Palmer and everything in the desert. Because, let's be honest, that's when we perform the best.