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Week 8 College Football Preview Podcast and Open Thread

Listen to the Draft Breakdown podcast and talk about the week 8 college football slate of games.

NCAA Football: West Virginia at Texas Tech Michael C. Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

This week’s draft podcast was a look at a number of different quarterback prospects, starting with J.T. Barrett of Ohio State.

Eric Galko of Sporting News is reporting that Barrett is leaning towards entering the draft, but where does he fit in in terms of prospects? Is he more than a late round guy, and if he is not, then why would he look to enter the draft.

We have a conversation about Wayne Gallman of Clemson and some of the takes surrounding Gallman, who is a good prospect, but seems to be getting hyped as something more. Yet, when you look at a prospect like Leonard Fournette, Dalvin Cook, real top running back prospects, wouldn’t they be doing much better if in the same situation as Gallman?

What about Mike Williams of Clemson? Is he the number one receiver in this class, or are too many people getting hung up on his spectacular plays and not enough people asking why most of his plays result in him having to make that play? I call this the Michael Floyd corollary, why does a guy who is supposed to be bigger and faster continue to have to make contested catches against players that will never sniff a down on Sunday?

A look at this weekends games and more on the newest podcast.