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Week 7 NFL Picks and Predictions and Open Thread

Enjoy the games, my picks and Sunday.

NFL: Cincinnati Bengals at Cleveland Browns Scott R. Galvin-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was a little bit better if I am being honest and we started this week out on a high note, with a big win in the Thursday Night snoozefest Football game with the Packers beating up on the Bears.

This week, well let’s get right too it.

New York Giants at Los Angeles Rams (+3)

This has nothing to do with the Rams and everything to do with the Giants. They have looked so out of sync, I just can’t buy into them right now. I think they win, but I am taking the Rams points in a close game.

Giants 17
Rams 16

Oakland Raiders at Jacksonville Jaguars

Pick em’! Don’t bet this game outside of the over (47.5).

Jaguars 28
Raiders 24

Buffalo Bills at Miami Dolphins (+3)

Remember when the Bills loss looked bad for the Cardinals? Now, they are clearly a good team. The issue this week is that they are without LeSean McCoy.

Dolphins 27
Bills 21

Indianapolis Colts (+3) at Tennessee Titans

I don’t buy the Colts being this bad or the Titans being this good. Andrew Luck should be able to get the Colts back on track and make people buy into the Colts and bury Mike Mularkey again.

Colts 35
Titans 31

Wahsington Redskins at Detroit Lions (-1)

The Lions are good? The Redskins are good? I don’t know, one of these things has to give, but holy cow does Matthew Stafford look like he’s getting back into a groove again.

Lions 30
Skins 28

New Orleans Saints at Kansas City Chiefs (-6)

Normally, with an offense like the Saints, I never bite on a line this high, but the Saints defense is… bad.

Chiefs 35
Saints 28

Rapid Fire Picks

Cincinnati Bengals (-10.5) 31
Cleveland Browns 17

Minnesota Vikings (-3) 24
Philadelphia Eagles 14

New York Jets (-2) 28
Baltimore Ravens 24

Tampa bay Bucanners (-1) 38
San Francisco 49ers 21

Atlanta Falcons 31
San Diego Chargers (+6) 28

New England Patriots (-8) 30
Pittsburgh Steelers 17