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Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks First Half Open Thread

Talk about the game as the Arizona Cardinals fight to get back to .500 against the Seattle Seahawks.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This is it, the Arizona Cardinals, on the biggest stage in the NFL in the regular season get their hated rivals, the division leading Seattle Seahawks, at home on Sunday Night Football.

There is not much to this game, the Cardinals have to be at their best, because they always seem to get Seattle's best, especially in the desert.

Let's keep it civil, also if you are visiting, understand that friendly banter is encouraged, but don't be a normal Seahawks fan cause that will probably get the ban hammer dropped on you :).

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Remember that Tyrann Mathieu is coming off his second knee injury, and patience is warranted.

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Enjoy the game, have fun and go Cardinals!