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Player of the Game in the Weirdest Game Ever

Words can not describe the weirdest game every played in Cardinals Stadium. So what we can try to do is try and pick a player of the game.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

In a game that harkened back to the 60’s, it’s tough to pick one athlete who truly distinguished themselves. There was a lot of ugly football played by both offenses, while the defenses of both teams really shined.

It’s always hard to pick a defensive player because truly it is a unit that thrives together. Should Peterson be in the rankings? He wasn’t heard from much and for him that’s a good thing as he basically shut down Doug Baldwin.

David Johnson - The Workhorse. The Truth. Again he amassed over 150 total yards from scrimmage, including 100 on the ground, and fought HARD for each of those yards against a top tier defense.

JJ Nelson - John Brown and Jaron Brown are out, someone HAS to step up, Nelson answered the call with a HUGE catch in OT that setup the Cardinals for the win. Too bad the Cat missed it. Too bad JJ is easily tackled.

Calais Campbell - Calais is playing like the best 3-4 DE in the NFL right now and wrecked shop against the Seattle’s offensive line.

Markus Golden - "Markus Golden has been a problem tonight." - Cris Collinsworth. That about sums up how effective Golden was tonight getting to Wilson.

Cardinal’s Defense - Why not?

Ok, I didn’t actually put the Cardinal’s defense as an option because that’s cheating. I will say this, I dare you to pick someone not named David Johnson. While he was the ENTIRE offense, it was truly the defense that made this a game.

Man, that sucked losing like that. Season is lost mate, going to be too hard to come back this far down in the division.