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What We Learned: Cardinals vs Seahawks

Somethings we learned from the Cardinals 6-6 tie with Seattle.

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What is tougher to swallow, a loss or a tie? Growing up I was always taught that a tie is worse than a loss. It shows that neither team is better than the other. That the other man across from you was just as good as you.

I took the tie harder than I would have a loss. Statistically, the Cardinals were superior. Looking at that you would think blowout. But that final score line, 6-6 is what matters. The Cardinals lead 3-0 all throughout, but like their other losses, Special Teams killed the Cardinals. Even with a new punter, a new longsnapper, the Arizona Cardinals special teams was the reason for the outcome.

So despite a very disheartening game, was there anything to take away from it?

Amos Jones needs to go.
One more time:
Amos Jones needs to go.

Ryan Quigley was okay in this game. He averaged 29.9 yards per punt, but of his six attempts, three were downed inside the 20. There was a definite attempt by the Cardinals to limit Tyler Lockett's return ability, and they succeeded. Outside of the punt block, Quigley was fine.

Chandler Catanzaro had a game to forget. He had a kick blocked, and one that was missed left.

So what is the common factor in both? Blocked kicks. That shows a protection issue that has been there with even Drew Butler punting. Who has been the coordinator for both? Amos Jones. Jones is a weak link on the coaching staff, and should be cut free.

Defensively the unit stepped up. While they were only credited with one sack for twenty yards, they were constantly in Russell Wilsons face, forcing incompletion after incompletion. They have only given up nine points the last two weeks. Besides the big play against Marcus Cooper and Tyrann Mathieu, the Cardinals shut down Seattle.

Offensively, the Cardinals did nothing. They racked up 400 yards, but that simply translated into six points. David Johnson is a beast, and was inches away from winning us the game, but that's a different rant entirely. Carson Palmer was perhaps the most efficient he has been all season. 342 yards passing, and a near pick that was just an excellent play by Earl Thomas.

JJ Nelson was phenomenal, and nearly single handedly won the game for Arizona. He ran out of gas just five yards too short.

Michael Floyd had some clutch catches, but will be known for his third and five drop to extend a possible touchdown winning drive in OT.

DJ Humphries was abused by Cliff Avril and Michael Bennett.

Ifyeani Momah made some clutch plays at the end.

There was a little bit of everything wrong with the NFL in this game. From weird no calls, to changing calls after making them, the refs were a garbage fire. Incidental contact on a leap is a subjective call. There is litle room for subjective decisions in the NFL. The NFL wants to find out why their ratings are down? Last nights game had a little bit of everything wrong in it. It's time for the NFL to make their refs full timers.

What about you guys? Anything that stood out? Lets us know in the comments below.

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