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Play of the Game from #SEAvsAZ (With Help From Simon & Garfunkel)

Let's be real, this game was truly a slobberknocker and neither side left happy. Well, maybe some Cardinals fans left happy with this lasting image...

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

This game was entertaining, but man was it hard to watch.  So what was the Play of the Game for the Cardinals?

I could show you the spectacular Ifayani Momah catch from Carson Palmer here that set up the (missed) field goal in OT:

But to be perfectly honest with how poorly the game went despite Arizona dominating only to fail to win AGAIN from special teams, I'm just going to leave this here since at least Cards fans know they aren't alone in special teams woes:

That face is almost worth the tie.

Let's move on from this game now.  Credit the team for playing their guts out but just couldn't bring home a W.

Still better than a loss, however.

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