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Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle Seahawks Recap... In Tecmo Bowl!

Check out the Tecmo Bowl version of the Arizona Cardinals and Seattle Seahawks tie.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

As if you needed more attention to the Arizona Cardinals tie with the Seattle Seahawks, there is an interesting video that Kyle McCormick of Hawk Blogger does after every single Seattle Seahawks game.

First off, I know that the Seahawks are the enemy, but I think these things are interesting and a fun look at things, so I like to shout it out when I see the creativity.

This is available after every game, so go watch the Seahawks losses in Tecmo Bowl form, hopefully no more ties cause those are awful.

If any of our readers have abilities like this, let me know, these types of things are fun and I would love to promote them, like I am trying to the Eat Me every week from Risky.

Thanks to Kyle for reaching out and sharing this, I will have the next one, win, lose or heaven forbid draw after their showdown late in the year.