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Arizona Cardinals bring back Hubert, go padless, need to fix special teams and playoff chances with a tie

Talking all of the news from around the web on the Arizona Cardinals

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What was supposed to be a big game is now, a desperation game for both the Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers. Let's get an idea of what the Arizona Cardinals are facing heading into Carolina.

Chris Hubert leaves job at UPS after getting call from the Cardinals
Chris Hubert had recently started a job with UPS but had to leave after the Cardinals brought him back into the fold.

Dealing Cards: Cardinals still recovering from Sunday's battle
At some point, the Arizona Cardinals need to move on from their last game. The sooner, the better.

Assessing Receivers With John Brown Practicing
Notes: Hubert goes from UPS to NFL; Veldheer, Peterson sit; Bercovici tries out.

Cardinals Return To Carolina
New season brings new perspective and concerns, but NFC Championship not forgotten.

Cardinals GM Steve Keim says special teams mistakes have ‘got to stop in a hurry’ | Cards Wire
Unless special teams gets cleaned up, the season might away from the Cardinals.

Recent history says tie will help Cardinals make the playoffs | Cards Wire
It hurts them initially, but late in the season it just might be the difference between the postseason and nothing at all.

'Tired' Cardinals opted to ditch pads for Wednesday's practice - Arizona Cardinals Blog- ESPN
On Wednesday the Cardinals were still recovering from Sunday night's overtime tie with the Seahawks.

Richard Sherman of Seattle Seahawks says leaps are legal and Arizona Cardinals should blame their snap cadence
Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman defended Bobby Wagner's leaps over the Cardinals' line on kicking attempts, and asked Arizona to fix its snap count, not change the rules of the game.

Notes from the Enemy:

Do the Carolina Panthers have a Morale Problem? Part 2 - Cat Scratch Reader
A perfect storm of factors has come together resulting in what I believe to be a morale problem that started long before week 1, and that only got worse as injuries and losses piled up. This is...

We're talking playoffs? (Panthers scenarios) - Cat Scratch Reader
Here's an optimistic scenario for the Panthers making the playoffs.