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Arizona Cardinals week four Player of the Game

The Arizona Cardinals are struggling to find their identity, which means not many players are making plays. Was there anyone in Week Four who made a claim for the title?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

Week Four was the time for the Cardinals to get back on track. It was a division rival, and a week after getting destroyed by the Buffalo Bills. They had their moments. Particularly their 80 yard drive to end the first half. In the end though, they sat in the locker room for the third time this season trying to figure out what is wrong.

A few players had some good performances however. Those players are up for the coveted ROTB Play of the Week. Let's take a look at those players:

David Johnson:

Johnson had the costly fumble with the Cardinals driving to put in a score that could have ended the game. But outside that one mistake, Johnson was dominant. He had 17 carries for 83 yards. He added another 41 yards through the air on four receptions. His blitz pickup was superb. It's time we fans wrote a letter to the Lions front office, thanking them for their selection of Ameer Abdullah in the 2015 Draft.

John Brown:

He's back. He had 144 yards, and made some clutch catches to extend drives. Palmer targeted him in the end zone which ultimately ended in a pick. Brown took some time to recover from his concussion he sustained in the preseason, but he appears to be back.

Chandler Jones & Markus Golden:

These two come as a package deal. When one does something, the other does the same. Both came away with a sack on Sunday. Jones sack of Case Keenum was the first time in Cardinals history that a player recorded a sack in the first four games of a season. Markus Golden had a sack as well shortly afterwards. Golden could have had a second sack, had it not been for some impressive elusiveness by Keenum in the fourth quarter.

Patrick Peterson:

Peterson once again had a good game. He shut down Tavon Austin, holding him to two catches on for 14 yards. He also knocked away a fourth down pass inside the 15 yard line. Peterson has had a very nice 2016, and is one of the bright spots on a Defense that is struggling.

What do you say? Are there any players that you would put up for election? Vote in the Poll below and let us know in the Comments.

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