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Play of the Game vs. Los Angeles Rams

Who had the play of the game in the Cardinals' loss to Los Angeles?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The Cardinals had a tough loss at home against the Los Angeles Rams, but there were some bright spots.  One of them were the Cardinals pass-rush, which did have Chandler Jones' best game as a Cardinal.

But the player who's truly emerged in his second season has been Markus Golden.

On the following play, Golden looked Freeney-esque on this spin move for a clean-up sack.

While Calais Campbell blows by the right guard to get the first hit (and almost got the sack himself) this was schemed up by Bettcher.

It's called a twist move, and it's where Golden is rushing inside as Calais Campbell moves to the outside.  As you can see, Golden kept the right tackle occupied and pushed him to the interior while Campbell ran around the guard in the vacated space and got a shot at Keenum.

While Keenum avoided Campbell, Golden didn't give up and kept after Keenum to bring him down with the sack.

Golden is matching Chandler Jones sack for sack through the first four games, which is refreshing to many Cardinals fans who have been longing for a pass rush.

Unfortunately, that same positivity hasn't really been seen for the rest of the team despite the improved pass rush.

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