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Key Stats from the Cardinals loss to the Rams

A look at some of the big stats from the Cardinals 17-13 loss

NFL: St. Louis Rams at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Yet another loss for the Arizona Cardinals. The teams looks like it’s playing in a haze every time they touch the field. They look like they spent the entire week not even studying the film of their opponent. They look confused every time an opposing Defense blitzes them, or the opposing offense runs a simple draw play.

Statistically, the Cardinals had a good game. On paper, you would think that they won the game. But for some reason, the statistics don’t lead to the Cardinals winning games. Here are some of the big stats.

  • The Cardinals started the season with a +5 turnover margin. Now two weeks later they are on the opposite spectrum. The Cardinals coughed up the ball five times on Sunday. Palmer contributed a pick early in the game, and a fumble in the third. Stanton contributed two picks in his 11 pass attempts. And David Johnson had his first fumble of the season. That is not going to win any football games.
  • Palmer and the passing offense found their groove on a few occasions. The passing game put up 325 yards. John Brown contributed 144 of those yards. The weapons are there, it’s just about finally getting it in sync.
  • Chandler Jones and Markus Golden had a sack a piece in Sundays game. Both players are on pace for a 16 sack season. That obviously will not hold up, but it is nice to finally see the Cardinals getting to the Quarterback. The Cardinals are currently sixth in the league with 11 sacks.
  • The Cardinals are fifth in the league for forcing fumbles. They have forced eight and recoverd four of them. They added to that total with one on Sunday.
  • The Rams only racked up 41 yards on the ground. A week after being gashed for 200 yards, the Defense bounced back nicely.
  • Case Keenum was proficient with the ball. He completed 18 of his 30 attempts for 266 yards. He had a fumble, which was one of his lone mistakes in the game.

The Cardinals are statistically fine. They need to convert those stats into points and start winning games. They have a short week, before traveling to San Francisco.

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