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2016 Week 8 NFL TV Maps

Get to know all the games you will be watching this Sunday.

NFL: International Series-Great Britain Views Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington Redskins and the Cincinnati Bengals open up Sunday morning with a game in Wembley Stadium, but the rest of the games are interesting if you are outside of Arizona and the Carolina’s.

On CBS for the morning game to go if you do not want to watch the rematch of the NFC Championship game, you have a couple of interesting matchups.

If you are in Arizona, you get nothing, you can enjoy the matchup between the Panthers and Cardinals.

Otherwise, maybe Kansas City at the Colts is interesting, but really, these matchups are not great. Unless Shady McCoy plays.

You can enjoy the Seahawks game if you are not in Arizona or the Carolina’s or maybe the Lions visiting Houston.

The afternoon game, after the Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panther got bumped is simply the Packers at the Falcons.

What games will you be watching this Sunday?

Enjoy the games and go Cardinals!