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Play Of The Game: Cardinals Vs. Panthers

Who had the play of the game in the Cardinals 30-20 loss to Carolina?

Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Ouch.  If the Cardinals losing wasn't bad enough, Twitter announced that they are slowly phasing out their Vine video service.


That's just me, trying to figure out how best to post the play of the game in future articles.  Thankfully, it seems unlikely it will be phased out until the very end of the season, so here's a quick hit of David Johnson hurdling a dude.

And yes, we could probably rename this weekly column "Let's See What DJ Did This Week" but it really doesn't get old:

Johnson is just an absolute freak.

Here he's responsible on the pass out of the backfield for making the safety miss.  He does more than that and pulls off a hurdle, not even touching the defender.

ASU Quarterback Manny Wilkins would be proud.  To make it even better, the player that DJ makes whiff right afterwards is perennial All-Pro linebacker Luke Keuchly, who apparently decided to just marvel at David Johnson's greatness over tackling him.

It's definitely tough to see the Cardinals lose to the Panthers three seasons in a row, but there's some solace in the fact that Arizona is now entering a bye week to get healthy, and the Seahawks lost, meaning that Arizona is still only a game and a half out of first place.

And they're probably going to need to win the division if they want to compete at all.

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