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Arizona Cardinals Playoff Odds Continue To Slip Away, According to Vegas

Off to an abysmal 1-3 start, the chances the Arizona Cardinals make the playoffs continue to dwindle.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

The start of the 2016 season has been anything but expected for the Arizona Cardinals and their fans. At 1-3, the Cards find themselves tied for last in the division and on the outside looking in for the playoff race.

Just as surprised as the team are the Las Vegas oddsmakers. To start the season, the Cardinals over/under on wins was set at 10.5. Certainly, anything over that would have the team in contention for a wild card or perhaps a division title.

Now, though, the battle for the playoffs is more uphill than ever. And Vegas has adjusted their odds accordingly.

Vegas and have set the probability of Arizona making the playoffs at just 43.5%. That is to say that the Cardinals have a greater chance of not making the playoffs than making them. The lines right now are set at -160 that they will not make the playoffs, +130 that they will.

In contrast, to start the season, Arizona was at -210 odds to make the playoffs and +165 to not enter the postseason. They have been favored to win each of their first four games, which, statistically, has been one of the softer parts of their entire season schedule.

The Cardinals are one of only a handful of teams (including this year's Carolina Panthers) to reach the NFC Championship only to fall to 1-3 the next year. Take a look at the list below:

1974 Cowboys started 1-3
1982 49ers started 1-3
1987 Giants started 0-4
1990 L.A. Rams started 1-3
1992 Lions started 1-3
1996 Cowboys started 1-3
1999 Falcons started 0-4
2001 Vikings started 1-3
2002 Rams started 0-4
2004 Panthers started 1-3
2007 Bears started 1-3, Saints started 0-4
2010 Vikings started 1-3
2013 Falcons started 1-3
2016 Panthers started 1-3, Cardinals started 1-3

What do you think, Cards fans? Can Bruce Arians' squad beat the odds and make a ferocious comeback, barreling their way into the playoffs? Tell us in the comments below.