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Palmer out, Nkemdiche Unlikely to Play against 49ers & Other Notes

The first round pick may continue to be inactive on gamedays.

NFL: New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

News broke that Carson Palmer will not be playing against the San Francisco 49ers, to the surprise of no one, but Bruce Arians had some other illuminating things to say to the media.

Here are some that caught my eye.

All Arizona Cardinals fans nod in agreement.

I mean, Arians always plays rookies though... Actually, he has always been hesitant to play young players early.

Wait, so Stinson is out and Nkemdiche still cannot get any burn? Sometimes I just do not understand things.

This makes sense. Ellington has been great (sarcasm) on kickoff returns, but really needs to be able to focus on backing up David Johnson.

Hopefully missing Palmer is a blessing in disguise and puts the running game at the forefront of the game plan.

The Arizona Cardinals won't be alone in missing key players as Buckner and Ward are two talented defenders the Arizona offense won't have to account for.

Anything else?

Oh yeah, run the football.