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Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers 2nd Half Thread

Talk about the Cardinals Thursday Night Football Game against the San Francisco 49ers

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at San Francisco 49ers Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

I lied, there is a second half thread, although who knows if we will have enough participation.

Drew Stanton, ladies and gentlemen!

7/20 61 yards and a touchdown.

Of course David Johnson is killing it, 12 carries for 65 yards.

The defense has been prettt good, but they need more when the offense is in this much trouble.

Hopefully we see even more David Johnson in the second half.

This game has some significance, as the Arizona Cardinals playoff chances are beginning to fall more and more with each passing loss. While a loss won't put the nail in the coffin, it will certainly make things more difficult moving forward.

If you have trouble finding the game, check out here.

What to watch for, you can check out here.

Interesting statistical notes, check out here.

Follow along on Twitter as the game is live streaming.

Enjoy the game and go Cardinals.