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What was the Cardinals Play of the Game vs. the Niners?

A lot of playmakers stepped up and made plays in the win versus San Francisco but only one can be the true Play of the Game

Well, that was a relief, Cardinals fans.

They jackstomped the Niners 33-21 last night on Thursday night football and for maybe the first time all season long, the offense, defense and special teams looked in sync.

Now if they could just do it in the first half....

Anyway, there were a lot of great plays but this one in particular was what ended up being the best executed play of the night.....and another TD to Larry Fitzgerald.

Here we see that the Niners bring five, which is picked up outside by the Tight End as Ellington slides out of the backfield as the checkdown.  Veldheer even falls down on the play but buys enough time for Stanton to move to his right.

Drew Stanton looks deep and, as part of how Arians' mentality for his QB's, if Stanton sees one-on-one coverage he goes to that guy because they should be able to pull it in.

Fitz has a step on his man due to the play-action and Stanton leads Fitzgerald into the throw with a well-placed ball in the endzone.

While Stanton only completed 11 passes in the game, his deep ball is the best part of his game, and this one counted in a huge way for the Cardinals win.