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The Arizona Cardinals Should Trade Michael Floyd

With the trade deadline today, the Arizona Cardinals need to make a move.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to draft picks the Arizona Cardinals are going to have some compensatory picks coming their way for 2017.

Bobby Massie signed a nice $5+ million contract that should net them a 5th or 6th round compensatory, and they may even get a couple of 7th rounders for losing Ted Larsen and Bradley Sowell based on the Over the Cap’s compensatory picks chart.

Yet, they could get even more draft capital in the 2017 draft with a simple move of wide receiver Michael Floyd.

Floyd is in the last year of his contract and has struggled to find playing time this year, but also to make plays when he is on the field. He has 19 catches for 257 yards and three touchdowns in 2016, which puts him on pace for his worst statistical season since his rookie year in 2012 under then coach Ken Whisenhunt.

More than that, the Arizona Cardinals and head coach Bruce Arians seem disenchanted with Floyd, so if he is going to be gone after this year, then maybe they should try and see if they can get something for him for 2017.

Why would a team trade for Floyd? Well, that may actually be the hard part, as Floyd has not shown to be worth much, but his size, athleticism and ability to put up massive numbers in a short span would be intriguing to many teams.

Who needs a wide receiver though?

Philadelphia Eagles: Would they be willing to go cheaper than say an Alshon Jeffery? Floyd has proven to be able to make plays for inexperienced quarterbacks, look at his work with Ryan Lindley, but would he be enough of an impact in Philly?

Buffalo Bills: They need a big play threat with Sammy Watkins out. Floyd’s best work is down the field in 50/50 situations.

San Diego Chargers: The hits keep on coming for the Chargers, who may be without big free agent signing Travis Benjamin. The Chargers, like the Bills, need a big play threat, Floyd could provide that to Phillip Rivers.

Minnesota Vikings: The least likely, I can’t see Arizona wanting to put Floyd in a position where he would play them this year, but who knows, if the price is right.

I think a fourth round pick would probably be the right price, as Spotrac has estimated Floyd would get roughly $8.2 million per year on the open market. That would coincide with a fourth/fifth round 2018 compensatory pick, if Arizona does not sign a comparable free agent.

Maybe they can make it a conditional third if he has his typical big run during the second half, but I would guess a team might do a fifth conditional to a fourth in that case.

Anyway you crumble it, getting ahead of the curve and getting an extra 2017 draft pick could be the right play, now that the season is in the balance. It would give the Cardinals more ammo for 2017 if they decide there is a player they want to go and get earlier in the draft, and not have to mortgage the future, especially now that you can trade compensatory picks.