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Arizona Cardinals VP of Media Relations has no time for your terrible headlines

Cards VP of Media Relations unhappy with criticism, but more importantly a terrible title.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals are struggling and it comes with criticism from all angles.

Well, after Doug Franz of Arizona Sports and 98.7 FM wrote an article worth your time, the headline of which was poorly done, Mark Dalton of the Arizona Cardinals staff took the offensive on Twitter.

It is an interesting shot fired by Dalton, as Arizona Sports has a relationship with the Arizona Cardinals. Yet, the Cardinals play has warranted articles with some type of critique.

What do you think Arizona Cardinals fans?

It is weird that this hit a nerve, but it has been a disappointing season overall for the Cardinals.

With big expectations though, comes heavy criticism if you are unable to meet those expectations.

The Cardinals for eight games have been maybe the biggest disappointment in the NFL. To see them struggling is bad enough, but to see this draw ire is weird to me, hopefully it is just a weird thing and not a sign of internal pressure.