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Arizona Cardinals vs San Francisco 49ers Second Half Open Thread

The Arizona Cardinals offense seemed to find their rhythm, while the defense held the 49ers in check most of the half.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

After a start to the NFL day that did not do much in the way of helping the Arizona Cardinals, outside of the Denver Broncos, thanks Mile High Report, the Arizona Cardinals needed to keep pace.

There may be a little concern as Larry Fitzgerald went to the locker room after being up ended near the end of the first half.

Through the first half of the game, they were able to do just that, going in with a 20-10.

It was mostly David Johnson who has a rushing and receiving touchdown, but the wide receivers made some fantastic plays to help out Carson Palmer and keep offensive drives alive, something that has not been done much this year.

Palmer finished the first half 17/26 209 yards 1 touchdown

David Johnson finished the first half 7 carries for 33 yards and 1 touchdown

And Michael Floyd had his best first half of the season with 4 catches for 75 yards.

Defensively, we saw another sack by Chandler Jones and through much of the first half the Cardinals were able to hold the 49ers offense in check. The lone blemish would be the play of the secondary not named Patrick Peterson, as Marcus Cooper and Justin Bethel both had some issues in coverage in the first half.

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Enjoy the second half game and Go Cardinals.