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Cardinals vs. 49ers: Player of the Game Poll

Michael Floyd, Chandler Jones, Larry Fitzgerald.. lots of players made their mark on the 23-20 victory over the 49ers on Sunday.

Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It was close win but it's a win. Despite the close score, the Cardinals had some great performances on both sides of the ball. It goes against my four-option principle, but eliminating one of these guys from the poll just seems unfair. Only one can be crowned the player of the week.

Here are the nominees:

Michael Floyd -€” Where has this guy been all season? Wow. What a comeback performance to show the Cardinals staff and the fans why he is still in Arizona. After having only 19 catches through eight games, he records 5 catches for 101 yards against the 49ers. Some spectacular grabs soaring through the air and a clutch 4th quarter catch.

Tony Jefferson -€” Another bounce back the Cardinals desperately needed. After catching fire the first five games of the season, it looked like Jefferson had lost his spark. He recorded 10 tackles through three games. On Sunday, he tallied seven tackles when it was needed the most -€” in a close game.

Chandler Jones -€” He was haunting Kaepernick all game long. The energy Jones brought to the backfield on Sunday was clear. If it wasn't against a scrambling quarterback, he may have recorded even more than 2 sacks.

Larry Fitzgerald -€” Constantly spectacular. Larry is the man. Period. After a hard landing on his knee followed by an awkward tumble on his head and neck, it wasn't looking good for Larry. He was constantly being looked at and watched as he was evaluated for injury. DESPITE ALL THAT -€” he had his first 100-yard game a season-high 12 receptions. He did things on the sideline only Larry Fitzgerald can do. Not to mention, the all-important blocking role he plays on the offense. He knew he was needed and Larry stepped up BIG time.

David Johnson -€” "But he only had 55 rushing yards?" ... "Well, I guess if you throw in the 46 receiving yards." ... "Now that you mention he scored both of the Cardinals touchdowns he deserves a spot on the poll." Sure it wasn't DJ's best game of the season, but he still served the all-important scoring role in this game plus over 100 all-purpose yards. Despite the Cards surprising commitment to throwing in this game, he made it work and took away the defenses focus that allowed the receivers to get open.

It's a tough poll, but I just couldn't manage to leave one of these guys off. Who do you think deserves to be crowned the Player of the Game? Cast your vote below! Think someone else deserved a spot on the list -€” comment below!