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Justin Bethel plays well, Marcus Cooper struggles in Arizona Cardinals win

The corners had some good and some bad in their win over the San Francisco 49ers.

NFL: San Francisco 49ers at Arizona Cardinals Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

It wasn’t exactly how the Arizona Cardinals or their fans drew it up, but the reality is simple, they won on Sunday against a bad San Francisco 49ers squad.

There was a couple of small revelations that came out of the game though, and one that we have been waiting for since the off season.

Justin Bethel, according to Pro Football Focus’ team of analysts, had a really nice game against the San Francisco 49ers.

In their game notes, Bethel was graded the following way:

Justin Bethel was thrown at a team-high 8 times but only allowed two catches, although one was a long 45-yard play. Bethel also broke up one pass and Colin Kaepernick’s QB rating when throwing into Bethel’s coverage was 61.5

The 49ers recognized Bethel in coverage and wanted to attack him, yet they had little success doing so.

Meanwhile, Marcus Cooper, who has played extremely well at times for the Arizona Cardinals had an overall off day:

Marcus Cooper was thrown at 5 times and allowed 4 catches for 44 yards and 1 TD. Colin Kaepernick’s QB rating when throwing into Cooper’s coverage was 142.9.

Patrick Peterson of course continues to set the tone for the Arizona Cardinals and their secondary:

Patrick Peterson was only thrown at twice by Colin Kaepernick. Peterson allowed one catch for only 5 yards. Colin Kaepernick’s QB rating when throwing into Peterson’s coverage was 56.3.

Overall, the Cardinals did a nice job considering Bethel was playing CB2 and Coopers was playing in the slot. There was a lot of thinking that Bethel struggled, when it looks like he had a really good day overall.

It is important for the Arizona Cardinals defensive backs to continue to gel.