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Jared Goff gets the starting nod for the Los Angeles Rams

The Arizona Cardinals could be playing the first overall pick in their final game of the season.

NFL: Los Angeles Rams at New York Jets Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports

While the season has gone not as expected for the Arizona Cardinals, they have not had to make any drastic changes or throw any Hail Mary’s (unless you count bringing back Drew Butler).

Yet, they stand only one game ahead of the Los Angeles Rams in the Wild Card race and the Rams are throwing that Hail Mary.

It may not be the biggest gamble, the Rams have one of the most anemic and inconsistent offenses in the NFL, but they have decided it is time to unleash Jared Goff on the NFL.

The Rams currently sit as the 31st ranked team in total yards per game and 32nd in scoring, at a paltry 15.4 points per game.

The move to Goff is one that has been bandied about for some time now, but the answer had always been, “the Rams are in contention”.

That has not changed, but the reliability of Case Keenum, in a really negative way, was too much to overlook anymore.

Goff is going to get the snaps in a Wild Card chase for the Rams. While his production and performance will not dictate the overall arc of his career, but it will go a long way in defining whether the total investment the Rams made will be worth it in the immediate.

Either way, the Rams decision is an interesting one, now we will wait and see how it pays off.

Could the Cardinals be in a position where the rookie quarterback could be standing in their way of a playoff berth?