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New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Thursday Night Football Stream and Thread

Watch the game on SB Nation and talk about it on Revenge of the Birds

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to Thursday Night Football and an NFC South matchup that looked much more appetizing when the schedule came out early this year.

New Orleans Saints at Carolina Panthers (-3.5)
Bank of America Stadium, Charlotte, North Carolina
6:25pm Arizona Time
SB Nation Live Stream
Live Streaming on Twitter

It is a huge game for Arizona Cardinals fans to watch, as the Saints are 4-5 on the season and one game behind the Arizona Cardinals in the Wild Card race.

The Carolina Panthers are 3-6 and two games behind the Arizona Cardinals in the Wild Card, but they have a game in hand in head to head, despite the unlikeliness that it comes down to that type of tie breaker.

The Panthers defense has looked downright bad at times this year, and each of the last two weeks they have allowed teams back into games, one holding off a hard charging Cardinals team and one losing to the Kansas City Chiefs.

Drew Brees is putting up another amazing season and the Cardinals could probably use a game from Brees tonight that would all but eliminate the Panthers from the playoffs with seven losses.

Alas, I think Cam Newton and the Panthers offense can offset the Saints and pick up a big win.

Either way, the Arizona Cardinals should get some cushion in their race for a Wild Card.

Panthers 28
Saints 24