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Week 12 College Football Preview Podcast and Open Thread

Talk about all the college football games and get caught up on the most recent podcast.

UCLA v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

It is week 12 of the college football season, and week 11 brought the chaos to which college football is known and loved for.

It continued this Thursday night, with the Houston Cougars taking it to the fifth ranked Louisville Cardinals 36-10.

There is plenty more to watch, but also plenty to listen to for this weekend as you get into the college games.

We have a look at Pat Mahomes on the site.

We took a look at the Charles Walker decision and whether or not it should negatively affect his draft status.

This next week or so we will have a look at DeShone Kizer and if he really is ready to come out, but also if his tools translate to a quarterback that would fit in Bruce Arians and the Arizona Cardinals offense.

This weekend though, enjoy the games, with LSU and Florida, Washington State at Colorado, and Oklahoma at West Virginia as the only games with two ranked teams.

Listen in to the newest podcast as well.