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Calais Campbell fined for hit on Cam Newton

The Arizona Cardinals defensive leader will be making a sizable donation to charity.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

It was an illegal hit on Cam Newton, it caused outrage amongst the Panthers and their quarterback wanted to have a conversation about it with the NFL Commissioner because he feels like he is not protected. Yet, even with all of that, there was no penalty flag thrown on the play.

Now though, the NFL has spoken and told us that in reality, it was a missed call and that Calais Campbell will have to pay the piper, or the NFL fines group, $18,000 for his low hit on Cam Newton in the Arizona Cardinals 30-20 loss.

The missed call would be the only penalty; at least it feels like, that the referees did not call in a game that saw the Arizona Cardinals penalized 10 times in the game.

The play also shows that the NFL does understand the need to protect their quarterbacks, and going low, no matter who your team is, is not appropriate.