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2016 Week 11 NFL TV Maps

A look around the NFL on what games you can watch this weekend.

NFL: Seattle Seahawks at New England Patriots Greg M. Cooper-USA TODAY Sports

With the Arizona Cardinals on the morning game, you better have access to DirectTV if you want to watch anything other than your Arizona Cardinals.

If you are like me, then that is all you get, which is not the worst thing as Arizona Cardinals fans, but if you are outside of Arizona, let’s take a look at the Fox map for Sunday.

The Cardinals game is the best game, let’s be honest that is not even a homer statement.

The rest of the schedule is just bad.

On CBS though, there is some good games.

Baltimore at Dallas is a really interesting game to me, as is Indy and Tennessee. Both of those matchups should be good games.

On the late games, we have one good game.

Thank goodness we get to watch Philadelphia at Seattle, because New England will be destroying San Francisco.

What games will you be enjoying this weekend?