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Winners & Losers From the Arizona Cardinals loss to the Vikings

Who shined despite the tough loss?

Bruce Kluckhohn-USA TODAY Sports

Blah. That pretty much sums up my feelings for this game, which started on a bad foot and never got prettier, as the win never was really out of sight but always just out of reach, making the loss that much tougher. But my job here is to try and find some positives, which is a tough call in a loss which dealt quite a blow to the Cardinals season.

Still, there's hope. So let's all jump on the Wentz train, make sure you've got drinks stocked in the fridge, and check out these Winner & Losers as we root for a Sunday Afternoon upset (I hope).


David Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald- Does this get old? Baevid snagged twenty two carries for 103 and a score, and added (a team leading) seven receptions for 57 yards and *another* score. As for Larry? Just led the team with 63 yards off six receptions, including a ridiculous one handed catch that I had to watch three or four times. The Truth and the Legend.

Chandler Jones- Another guy I'm guilty of giving a lot of love to, I'm strapped into my #55 hype train after another solid performance. A crucial sack and turnover was just a bonus, as he harassed Bradford all game.

Patrick Peterson- Again, no surprise here. Rarely thrown at, he locked down his side of the few throughout the game. Also, the penalty was bogus.

Brittan Golden- It was kind of shocking, seeing us get a 49 yard kick return. I enjoyed it.


Offensive line- When the Vikings bring a four man rush, and three guys hit Palmer, something just isn't right. This was an awful performance by them, as Carson Palmer was hit twenty three times, four of them sacks. Arians employed a running heavy first half, which I applaud, but as the game got away and Palmer was forced to throw more, it got ugly fast.

Carson Palmer- This isn't to rag on his performance. Hard to be successful when you're spending a majority of the game running for your life. Also, I'm not going to put too much of the blame on him for either pick: John Brown didn't get out of his break (penalty of not is your call) and Floyd *clearly* didn't finish his route. Palmer is going to be awfully sore come Monday. Not a fun game for him.

JJ Nelson- Man, he's put together a couple of bad weeks. A lot of balls I thought were catchable. Finishing with just one catch for zero yards.... not so good.

John Brown- great return. bad no return. Absent on offense. Hmm. A believed deep wide receiver room initially has me worried for next season.

I'll be honest, i missed bits of this game, so if there's anything I missed that you think needs to be highlighted here, let me know! And remember, like they say in Philadelphia- "Fly, Eagles, Fly!"