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David Johnson shines, Carson Palmer under siege, and more week 11 Arizona Cardinals stats

What did PFF find in their watching of the Arizona Cardinals game?

It was an ugly result and the stats didn’t hide it.

While it was obvious that David Johnson was great, it was more obvious that the Arizona Cardinals could not protect Carson Palmer and when they did, Palmer could not get the ball to anyone not named Johnson or Fitzgerald.

Let’s delve into the week 11 Pro Football Focus stats on the Arizona Cardinals loss to the Minnesota Vikings.

  • David Johnson was outstanding, forcing three missed tackles and gaining 36 yards after contact.
  • Carson Palmer had a quarterback rating of 107 when throwing to Johnson and 108.3 when throwing to Larry Fitzgerald.
  • D.J. Humprhies was... abysmal. He allowed two sacks, gave up three hits and two additional hurries.
  • The rest of the Arizona Cardinals offensive line was not much better. Palmer was sacked three times, was hit 10 times and was hurried 19 times.
  • On the flipside, Chandler Jones only had one sack and no additional hurries or hits.
  • Markus Golden added one hit and one hurry.
  • Kevin Minter was excellent, allowing only three catches for two yards in coverage, and hitting the quarterback two times in only seven pass rushing attempts.
  • Patrick Peterson locked up Stefon Diggs, giving up five catches for 35 yards and breaking up one pass.

The Arizona Cardinals offensive line was... Bleh.