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EAT ME: Best Turkey Recipe for Thanksgiving

My favorite turkey recipes that I have tried over the years.

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

It is the big day, where you have loads of family, friends and food... Oh and some football.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because I get two every year.

My wonderful wife's family is quite large, her dad is one of nine, so Thanksgiving was a nightmare trying to integrate two families, or holding the occasion on the same day.  We just were never hungry enough for the second leg of food when we went to my parents house.

That meant, starting six years ago, we did Thanksgiving with my wife's family on Thursday and my family on Friday.  My job, luckily, has always had Friday's off, so this has worked well.

That means we have had two turkeys every year for the last six years, I have tried a number of different recipes and found the one's I like best.  Some are not possible, you may not have a smoker or you may not have a deep fryer, but these are the best of the one's I have tried over the years.  (I actually cook three turkey's a year because we do one for my wife's Christmas lunch with her family, my family does a prime rib roast).

Here they are in order of my favorites, check them out, enjoy the day and let me know what your favorites are.

1. Barbecue Turkey And Grilled Turkey: The Ultimate Smoked Turkey Recipe
Barbecue turkey and grilled turkey taste spectacular, and there are tricks in this recipe that make it the ultimate turkey period, smoked or just oven roasted.

The key is the rub: Barbecue Spice Rub Recipe: Simon & Garfunkel Rub & Baste

How good is this one?  A Super Bowl champion even recommends it.

If you do not have a smoker, sorry, but my second favorite is a roasted turkey.

2. Good Eats Roast Turkey Recipe : Alton Brown : Food Network
This holiday season, serve Alton Brown's most-popular recipe: a brined and roasted turkey from Good Eats on Food Network.

The rest require some sort of machinery, but are worth it.

3. Apple-Brined and Smoked Turkey Recipe | Serious Eats
[Photograph: Joshua Bousel ] Thanksgiving is my time for turkey experimentation, from roasting to smoking to frying, I've done it all with the comfort of knowing that no matter what comes out, it's pretty certain my family will eat it....

4. Deep Fried Turkey Recipe - Chowhound
A classic deep-fried turkey with Southern rub recipe.

5. Smoked Turkey Recipe - Chowhound
In this smoked turkey recipe, brining and slow smoking bring BBQ to the Thanksgiving table.