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Play of the Game: Cardinals @ Falcons

Larry Fitzgerald Does It Again

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Mathematically, while the Cardinals have not been eliminated from the playoffs, to most fans, the season is effectively over after falling to the Atlanta Falcons 38-19 this Sunday.

One player who has not given up on being great, however, is Larry Fitzgerald, who here made one of the best one-handed catches that even is exceptional for Fitz:

With Fitzgerald and David Johnson accounting for almost half of Arizona's offense this year (a stat both amazing and sad) at least Cards fans can look forward to viewing awesome plays like this from Larry FItzgerald even at age 32.

Fitzgerald also passed Tim Brown in receptions in today's game, ending with the 5th most in NFL history.

Fitz is officially a top 5 all-time receiver.

Some things in Arizona never change even as the team's season goes up and down.  Here's hoping that we get to see even more of these plays next year in 2017.

For now, Arizona fans will be hoping that the new hope with a new year comes sooner than later, but let's appreciate the greatness of Larry Legend while we have it.

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