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ESPN thinks Arizona Cardinals only win two more games all season

It has been a bad season and everyone has jumped off the Arizona Cardinals bandwagon

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Atlanta Falcons Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

In what was supposed to be a magical season, it now has turned into a nightmare for the Arizona Cardinals and their fans.

It has gotten to the point where the media, which had backed the Arizona Cardinals arrival as a contender all season is now expecting little from the team.

In an ESPN Insider article, the four letter network asked evaluators and coaches to figure out the rest of the NFL season. For the Arizona Cardinals, the outlook could not be worse (well technically it could but you get the point). From the article

NFC West

Currently: Seahawks 7-3-1, Cardinals 4-6-1, Rams 4-7, 49ers 1-10

Prediction: Seahawks 11-4-1, Cardinals 6-9-1, Rams 6-10, 49ers 3-13

All four NFC West teams lost road games by a combined 132-69 margin Sunday. The Seahawks struggled early on defense in their 14-5 defeat at Tampa Bay as they adjusted to life without both Michael Bennett and Earl Thomas. They remain in position to run away with the NFC West, but a lower-profile injury could affect the degree of difficulty. Seattle's running game and offensive versatility were diminished with rookie running back C.J. Prosise missing the first of several games. The Seahawks hope he'll return for the playoffs.

There was a lot to this article, none of it having to do with their evaluation of why the Arizona Cardinals finish the season 2-3.

Somehow, the Cardinals, Rams and 49ers all finish the season in the same way. For the Rams and 49ers, there are excuses: LA is integrating Jared Goff, the 49ers are terrible.

Yet, for the Arizona Cardinals, there was supposed to be so much more.

Is this right? Could the Arizona Cardinals only finish with six wins on the season? In this scenario they still finish second in the NFC West, but does that really even matter?

What do you think Arizona Cardinals fans? 2-3 the rest of the way, or does the team have some fight and some pride left? Or is it, they just are not that good?