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Arizona Cardinals still have a hot coaching prospect on their staff

Could the Arizona Cardinals lose another young coordinator?

NFL: Preseason-Arizona Cardinals at Oakland Raiders Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

There are a number of revelations that have come out of the 2016 NFL season for the Arizona Cardinals, but John Clayton of ESPN had one that I did not expect to come across, and that is an Arizona Cardinals coordinator as a potential NFL head coaching candidate in 2017.

From the article:

Who are the candidates to keep an eye on when head-coaching jobs open at the end of the season?

First, keep an eye on the trend of offensive assistants getting top jobs. That likely won't go away, and there are a several offensive coordinators who will get interviews.

Second, don't look to the collegiate level. It appears unlikely that any college coaches will be in the mix for NFL jobs. Notre Dame's Brian Kelly had been on the radar of some NFL owners in recent years, but the Fighting Irish went just 4-8 this season. UCLA's Jim Mora has been an NFL head coach twice before, but the Bruins went 4-8 too.

Here are 16 candidates who could be head coaches in 2017, in no order:

Despite the porous results and up and down performances, Clayton in an Insider article still sees Harold Goodwin as one of the potential head coaching candidates for 2017, from the article:

Goodwin, now in his fourth season in Arizona, has learned a lot from Bruce Arians. Goodwin is capable of building an offense for a team in need.

This is an interesting argument for Goodwin being a potential head coaching candidate. He has been with Brue Arians, seen how Arians works and what he expects to create strong game plans, but he has never, at least that I am aware of, called plays during the game.

Arians is a strong teacher and we know his goal is to create a legacy of coaches that fall from his tree, but to see Goodwin on the list over even a James Bettcher was interesting to me. What do you think? Is Goodwin a potential head coach in 2017?