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D.J. Humphries’ play was a silver lining in a forgettable trip to Atlanta

It was a game to forget for many, but the young left tackle stood out.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The game on Sunday for the Arizona Cardinals was… Bad. There really are no other words to describe it, yet there was one player who had a very solid game, in a position that could give fans a reason to be excited for the last five games of the season.

D.J. Humphries started his first game as a left tackle in his career in the NFL and was… Not bad. Which in the scheme of the season is one of the better performances he has had. He did it against one of the better situational pass rushers in the league in Dwight Freeney.

His work in the run game was not bad, but also there was really not enough opportunities for him to perform as the Cardinals focused their efforts on throwing their way out of the game.

On 51 pass blocking opportunities Humphries surrendered three pressures according to Pro Football Focus. Zero of which resulted in Carson Palmer being hit, from Pro Football Focus:

D.J. Humphries played one of his better games of the season as he made his first start at left tackle. He didn’t allow any sacks or hits of Palmer but did allow 3 pressures on 51 pass blocking snaps.

This is a good problem to have moving forward, if Humphries in a series of test against good to great pass rushers, Preston Smith, Cameron Wake, Cameron Jordan, Cliff Avril and Robert Quinn all on the docket, means we will get a great idea of what type of left tackle Humphries can be.

It makes a decision on Jared Veldheer and his future with the Arizona Cardinals easier too, as Veldheer can begin to work in at right tackle immediately in his rehab, giving the Cardinals a head start on their bookends for 2017, but also an idea of what they have in Humphries for the next four years.

Maybe the season has not been what we wanted to see as Arizona Cardinals fans, but it is the little things that can help out in continuing to watch and cheer.