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The Arizona Cardinals were screwed, but did not respond in Carolina

There was a bad call, but it was their bad play that cost them a game.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals were screwed early in Sunday’s devastating loss to the Carolina Panthers. There really is no two ways around it, but the resulting fall out was interesting.

I wrote this story on Tuesday, but I knew it would take a couple of days to get the entire story from the NFL on what happened.

After the NFL explanation that, “the review system was broken,” I thought to myself: Whatever, that is just an unfortunate event that occurred at the worst time possible for Arizona.

Yet, after listening to more this week, it sounds more like the review official just wasn’t available. I don’t exactly know what the heck that means, but it sounds like Arizona drew a short straw on that play.

Then reality sets in.

Arizona had plenty of time left in the game to come back, they were the one’s that were shook by what occurred, instead of using that as motivation, they seemed to use it as a reason to fall behind.

The “fumble” seemed, in the first half at least, to make their play excusable, which is disappointing more than anything. The pride that was in this team left after that play was missed. They didn’t execute, they didn’t find a way to overcome, they found a way to make the play a bigger thing than it actually was.

Were the Cardinals screwed by circumstances, whatever they may actually be, on the missed fumble? Obviously, it was a bad call, it was an obvious call that was missed by the officials, the replay booth, the NFL in New York and everyone that was not involved in that game from an officiating stand point.

However, that wasn’t the game winning touchdown late in the fourth quarter. That was a play that occurred in the first three minutes of an NFL game, there was plenty of time left to mount a comeback. If that is all it takes for this version of the Arizona Cardinals to crumble, then this is going to be a long season.