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Rodney Gunter fined for hit on Cam Newton

The loss won't be the only sour result for the Arizona Cardinals

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Carolina Panthers Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals loss is not just hitting them in the standings. No, instead for the second time this week, the NFL has fined an Arizona Cardinals defensive lineman for a hit on Cam Newton

After Calais Campbell was hit with a $19,000 fine for his illegal hit below the knee, Rodney Gunter is joining in making a charitable donation for his late hit against quarterback Cam Newton.

The responses are interesting to the fine, mainly as it pertains not to the play at hand, but instead the way many believe the penalty call came about.

Any way you slice it, that is a pretty big chunk of change for the second year lineman, Gunter.

While Campbell is making over $500k a game check, Gunter is making just under $31k. Still a great salary, but to lose more than half is rough.

Maybe this will get the attention of players though and help protect the quarterbacks?