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Arizona Cardinals take over the mantle of lovable losers: Have longest championship drought

Congratulations to the Chicago Cubs, now the Arizona Cardinals have gone the longest without a title.

MLB: World Series-Parade Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

First off, congratulations to the Arizona Cardinals, you are now the franchise with the longest championship drought in the four major sports.

It has been a long time since the Arizona Cardinals, or the Cardinals football franchise has won a championship (they have not won a Super Bowl), but after the Chicago Cubs finally broke the curse, the Arizona Cardinals hold the not so wonderful title.

69 years since the last Cardinals title seems like a lifetime, but for Cubs fans, this is just a fraction of the pain.

Who else is having a hard time winning a title?

Cleveland Indians (MLB), 1948

Sacramento Kings (NBA), 1951

Detroit Lions (NFL), 1957

Atlanta Hawks (NBA), 58 years

Philadelphia Eagles (NFL), 1960

Texas Rangers (MLB), 56 years

Houston Astros (MLB), 53 years

Tennessee Titans (NFL), 47 years

The Titans, Astros, Rangers and Hawks have never won titles in their franchise history, so at least the Cardinals have that going for them... right?

Maybe this year turns around and the Indians can take the mantle.