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Week 9 NFL TV Maps

A look at what games you can watch this Sunday with the Arizona Cardinals on a bye.

It is another Sunday morning with no Arizona Cardinals football, but there is no Sunday Night, Monday Night or Thursday Night games, no this time it is simply a bye week.

With the Arizona Cardinals licking their wounds after another pounding in Carolina, it gives everyone, including the fans a much needed day off to just get back to enjoying the penalty flag fest football.

What games can you watch this Sunday, let’s take a look.

On CBS early, in Arizona you can watch:

Pittsburgh at the Baltimore Ravens, because that is a game people ion Arizona love.

Honestly, it is probably the best game if Big Ben is healthy, so no complaints.

The Fox game this week is:

Dallas at the Browns, which is appointment viewing when you have games like Philadelphia at the Giants, and Detroit at Minnesota, which have playoff implications. I guess they are still America’s team...

The lone afternoon game in Arizona for fans will be:

The Colts at the Packers. Enjoy the fantasy points everyone.

What games will you be watching?