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Week 9 Picks and Predictions: Morning Game Open Thread

Talk about the morning games from the week 9 NFL slate.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Detroit Lions Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is giving the Arizona Cardinals a bye week at exactly the right time, as they limp in at 3-4-1 (I still struggle with this tie thing).

Yet, the NFL never stops, so we get a weekend full of games to enjoy and talk about.

Here are my picks for the early games and somewhere to discuss everything.

Pittsburgh Steelers (+2.5) at Baltimore Ravens

This game used to be intense, now... Who knows. If Ben Roethlisberger is playing, it should be a great game. If not, it will be a game. I am leaning towards him playing as of Saturday evening.

Steelers 31
Ravens 23

Philadelphia Eagles (+3) at New York Giants

I know the Eagles have lost a couple, but their road play has been strong and I still do not buy into the Giants.

Eagles 24

Giants 21

New York Jets at Miami Dolphins (-4)

The Dolphins have found their way behind the running of Jay Ajayi. It makes them a dangerous team if he can keep it up, even if it is not 200 yards a game.

Dolphins 21

Jets 14

Dallas Cowboys (-8) at Cleveland Browns

Knowing the NFL, the Browns win this one straight up. Dallas is really good, this should not be an issue.

Cowboys 35

Browns 17

Jacksonville Jaguars at Kansas City Chiefs (-7.5)

I thought Jacksonville was ready to take the next step. Now they may be looking to move on from their young QB and awful head coach. KC is steady on offense with a potential dominant defense.

Chiefs 31

Jags 20

Detroit Lions (+6) at Minnesota Vikings

This is a big matchup for the NFC North. The Vikings defense has looked extremely vulnerable as of late and their offense looks lost. Enter the Lions, who have a nice offense, and a not so good defense.

Vikings 20

Lions 17