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Army vs Navy Open Thread

Talk about the game, leave a comment on prospects, or just enjoy your Saturday on the boards.

NCAA Football: Navy at Army Danny Wild-USA TODAY Sports

One of the best games of the year, every single year, regardless of what else is going on is the Army/Navy football game.

It is a time honored tradition and now gets the weekend all to itself.

While there are rarely any prospects of note in the game, it really does not matter, as these young men will be doing much more than playing football on their Sunday’s in the very near future.

Talk about the game, or if you have any questions on draft prospects or the draft in general, leave them in the thread, as we will be along to collect them and talk about them on the next podcast.

Speaking of the podcast, another great episode this week as Seth and I discuss the winners and losers coming out of the college football conference championship weekend.

Also, we discuss Justis’ 2017 NFL Draft player comparisons, so give it a listen, enjoy and have a great weekend.