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Week 14 Play Of The Game: Cardinals vs. Dolphins

Who made the play of the game in the rain in AZ's loss to Miami?

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

Well, it was only a slim chance, but a slim chance is better than none.

And despite a sloppy, wet, turnover-laden game that somehow ended up tied with four minutes left the Arizona Cardinals saw their playoff hopes slip away from them as Miami kicked a game-winning field goal.

But despite that, there were definitely Cardinals making plays in a day when passing was difficult to come by for Carson Palmer and one of them was this incredible run on the jet sweep by J.J. Nelson:

With so much unknown (including impending retirements potentially or losing some well-traveled faces), the Cardinals will do their best to push for a playoff spot but even if they lose out, fans should do their best to enjoy these games.

Likewise, Twitter's Vine service, which has been exceptional for showing these 6-second highlight videos, will be ending in a month as well.  It's been good to show but all things at some point must end.

Hopefully, the Cardinals' Super Bowl window won't be one of those things just yet.

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