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Michael Floyd arrested for DUI on Monday morning

The Arizona Cardinals bad season on the field has gotten worse off the field.

NFL: Arizona Cardinals at Minnesota Vikings Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

The Arizona Cardinals have had quite the negative season overall and things are going from bad to worse, as Michael Floyd, one of the biggest disappointments on the field this season, was arrested on a DUI charge early Monday morning.

Floyd, according to the police report, was found in his car unconscious at the wheel, at Scottsdale Road and Goldwater Boulevard at 2:48 am Monday morning with the car still running.

Floyd has had issues before while at Notre Dame, he was suspended in 2011 for getting a DUI, blowing twice the legal limit.

He had a number of other issues before the 2011 incident as well.

He has kept his issues under control since the suspension at Notre Dame, but this is a tough time for not only Floyd but all of the Arizona Cardinals.

Floyd, coming into the final year of his contract, had high expectations, but the 27 year old has produced lightly, with only 33 catches for 446 yards and four touchdowns.

Thankfully, there was no reports of anyone being injured, but this is just another issue in a season full of them.